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UL-142 Single Wall Tanks

UL 142 Single Wall Tanks are engineered to the specifications required by the Underwriters Laboratory. These tanks have extra emergency venting that is required in some cities to meet existing codes. These tanks range from 275 up to 20,000 Gallons

  • Skid mounted
  • Come standard with 4-2” NPT threaded openings on the top and a 2” NPT Threaded drain. Also comes with an emergency vent that varies in size based on tank volume
  • Smaller UL 142 tanks are relatively lightweight and come with a lifting eye to assist in moving the tank. Tanks are perfect for moving around to multiple job sites.
  • UL 142 tanks up to 1000 Gallons are built with 12 Ga Mild Carbon Steel.
  • 2000 and 3000 Gallon UL 142 tanks are built with 10 Ga Mild Carbon Steel.
  • UL 142 Tanks from 4000 gallons and up are built from 1/4” Mild Carbon Steel.
  • Custom paint available at additional cost

Prices start at $1,000

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